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“Turbulent, fateful and yet colourful” – these are the best words to describe my life.
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Myriam grows up in the US, learning about the ups and downs of life early on. After her father commits suicide, she goes on to live with her German mother and American step-father in a little town near Merced, California, They may seem like a normal middle-class family, but Myriam’s reality is filled with pain and disappointment. The best thing in her life is her best friend, Ramona. The girls spend every day together, fleeing reality for just a bit. One of the few things for Myriam to look forward to are the annual visits of her grandmother from Germany.

Her parents file for divorce in 1992 and Myriam moves back to Germany with her brother and mother. She has never been to Germany before and has difficulties finding friends. This, combined with early stages of Borderline Personality traits, results in her developing an intense aversion towards everyone around her. Her life is riddled with unfortunate events sprinkled with only a few, fragile moments of happiness. Relationships never last and in 1996, at only 19 years old, Myriam suffers a miscarriage and has to get emergency surgery to save her life.

Eine Sammlung von Fotos, die Myriam in ihrem privaten Leben zeigen.


Four years go by until she’s pregnant again and gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Two years later, she experiences health complications. The diagnosis: invasive vulvar squamous cell carcinoma. The shocking news are followed by an odyssey of surgeries, stays at clinics, and chemotherapy. Her marriage breaks apart and in 2004 Myriam’s grandma, one of the most important people in her life, dies.

In 2006, cancer hits again in the form of cervical carcinoma, prompting another three surgeries and the full excision of the cervix. The same year, Myriam meets someone new. But the seemingly blissful relationship ends abruptly, when her new boyfriend becomes violent after a short time.
Shortly after, Myriam’s best childhood friend, Ramona, suffers a fatal gunshot wound inflicted my her husband.

More surgeries follow over the course of two years, including the partial excision of her vulva, as well as chemotherapy. Not long before she is scheduled for hysterectomy, Myriam miraculously gets pregnant again and beats the odds by giving birth to her second child in 2010.


Myriam has amassed valuable experience in several lines of work. Starting as a hair stylist, she later on gets her degree as an alternative practitioner and opens her own business, focusing on psychotherapy. She manages to makes a name for herself in the German tattoo community, and takes up work as a model. She constantly takes on new challenges in the form of hosting TV-shows and podcasts, writing, as well as singing in a band.

The woman who never lost her love for life is currently in a very happy relationship, putting all her energy into her organization for the fight against cancer. Her dream project: an autobiographical movie that tells her story, and allows her to send a message of hope; a story that shows that everyone can make it in life, no matter how rocky the road ahead may seem.

Shows & TV, Literature, Music

Myriam has featured on numerous TV-segments and talkshows, as well as podcasts and radio shows. (Markus Lanz, Das Rote Sofa, NDR Talkshow, Das Nachtcafe, Sat1 Frühstücksfernsehen, RTL Explosive, Punkt12, Taff, MDR, Mensch Otto!, RTL2, FrauTV, and more)

‘Faces Of An Illness: Heroes Against Cancer’ is an independent documentary for which Myriam is in charge of directing, writing and casting. It aired in December 2015 and is available on DVD. It provides an opportunity for patients to share how living with cancer has changed their lives.

In her biography ‘Fuck Cancer – Harnessing My Rage to Fight Cancer’, which releases in 2016 and makes it to 16th place on the Spiegel bestseller list, Myriam talks about her experiences and what it is that drives her to face life every day. Later that year, she founds Fuck Cancer, a non-profit organization that provides support and aid to patients and their families. This provides her with the possibility to further reach out to her target audience and share her experience and passion.

In summer of 2016 she independently releases her song Ein Leben lang (eng.: For As Long As I Live) under Zimmer 603, her side project. In 2017, she collaborates with Serum114 to release Ich lebe feat. Myriam von M (eng.: I’m Alive) and joins them on their European tour. For both songs, impressive music videos have been produced.

In 2019, her band ATAME release their first album called Borderline. There are several music videos available as well as single CDs.

A dream comes true in May of 2018, when Myriam’s own TV show ‘Voller Leben – Meine letzte Liste’ (Full Of Life – My Bucketlist) airs on RTL II. It’s renewed for a second season, which even surpasses the first in terms of views and general success. The third season airs in Fall 2020 and continues to be very popular – when suddenly, the show is cancelled, with the network failing to provide an explanation up to this day. Myriam is determined to save her passion project and starts a petition to implore RTL II to bring back the show. The petition can be signed HERE, so far it has gotten around 5000 signatures with the number growing daily.

Myriam releases another book in 2020, called ‘Psycho Queen: Becoming a Best Selling Author with Borderline’, which almost immediately sells all copies of the first edition. In the book, she writes about her life as a person with with Borderline personality disorder.

In September of that same year, she starts her podcast Zwangsgestört (eng.:Compulsively Insane).