Psycho Queen

Speaking Out About A Taboo. 

In these autobiographical anthologies, best selling author Myriam von M addresses her battle with mental illnesses such as BPD, depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Myriam descends into the depths of her own psyche and unlocks long hidden parts of her past. She opens up about crucial moments of her life, and openly discusses how she deals with severe mental illness. Her story deals with common prejudices, thus acting not only as valuable support for those affected by mental health issues, but providing insight to families as well.
Her message to the readers: ‘Despite my many ailments I achieved things I never dreamed of – YOU can do the same!’

As someone with personal experience and profound knowledge of the topic, she tries to make sense of her behavior from a psychological angle, embarking on a relentless journey towards herself.

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Spiegel Bestseller

2021, Authors: Myriam von M.

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192 Pages, 2021, Piper Verlag, flap brochure, ISBN: 3492505260